TINJISMAR respects the confidentiality of Customer data and privacy.
TINJISMAR’s Privacy Policy is intended to protect the Customer’s personal and financial data received by SMARkeT in connection with the provision of services. In order to safeguard and protect the Customer’s data, TINJISMAR uses the most modern and sophisticated technologies to ensure the confidentiality of the latter’s information. By registering, the Customer mentions his personal data which is used by TINJISMAR only to communicate and for the Customer contract. TINJISMAR guarantees that the Customer’s data will not be disclosed except in the event of a request according to the law in force.
By registering to open an account with TINJISMAR, the Client gives his consent to share his personal information with TINJISMAR which the latter will use to confirm the Client’s identity and secure his trading account. This information will be collected in accordance with strict control procedures applied internationally in order to prevent money laundering transactions and to ensure secure trading for Clients. The Customer agrees to provide up-to-date, accurate, and correct information about his identity. In addition, the Customer must affirm that he is registering and that he intends to operate on the site for himself, and must under no circumstances seek to defraud or impersonate another person.
In providing our brokerage services, we collect and store data about the Client’s trading activity.
When collecting information, we enter the data that the Customer wishes to share freely and free of charge with TINJISMAR.
All data collected by TINJISMAR will be available only to TINJISMAR employees and representatives responsible for monitoring Customer account information while ensuring the security and confidentiality of Customer data.
TINJISMAR hereby declares confidential all information of employees or representatives. This information will not be disclosed to customers and/or any third party except as required by law.
TINJISMAR reserves the right to revise the Privacy Policy from time to time. We will keep you informed of any possible changes for your approval. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to make a suggestion or complain about the way TINJISMAR handles your personal data.